If you are thinking about an investment property your advisor at Hawke FS can help you understand the cost involved
from buying the property to the on-going costs you will need to budget for.

Buy to let mortgages are generally assessed on your earned income and the rental yield of the investment property.

Some lenders only offer their buy to let mortgage products through intermediaries so to insure you are getting the best deal
contact Hawke FS today and we will be happy to advise you on the best lender and product to meet your needs.

Consumer Buy To Let

Where you or a close family member or relative has or intends to reside in the resident is considered to be a Consumer Buy To Let. We are unlimited in the range of mortgages we can consider for you and will assess your affordability and appropriateness to avoid financial stress.


Is your next purchase going to be one of multiple occupancy? If this is the case then perhaps you need a specialist HMO mortgage. Due to this type of property being out of the norm, you may find it hard to find a lender on this type of property. The advisors at Hawke will find the best lender with the best rate for your House of multiple occupancy.

Single Freehold Multi Unit

Multi unit freehold properties where more than one flat is on a freehold title require specialist mortgages.

Limited Company

Your accountant may be advising you to purchase property in a special purchase limited company. There are limited lenders that will offer these mortgages and you will be required to give personal guarantees’ but we will happily source the most cost effective and appropriate loan for you.